Binoculars and rangefinders can be used to spot animals from afar. When equipped and in aim mode (hold RMB/LT), an animal can be spotted via pressing E/the X-Button when directly looking at it.

Spotting an animal will reveal information about its gender and difficulty and will highlight the animal for a short period of time (its contours can be seen through obstacles). If the animal is currently using a need zone will automatically mark the need zone on the map.

The amount of revealed information can be increased by Skills.

Skills Edit

Skill Description
Spotting Knowledge 1.Reveals information about the approximate health of the animal.

2. Reveals information about the approximate trophy rating of the animal.

3. Reveals information about how aware the animal is of nearby threats.

Tag 1.Increases the duration of the traced outline on an animal after spotting it.

2. Unlocks the ability to add a spotting outline on up to 3 animals simultaneously.

Sight Spotting Unlocks the ability to spot animals while in aim mode with weapons. This means that you do not have to switch to binoculars or a rangefinder device to spot an animal.