Layton Lake District provides hunters from all over the world with a taste of the untamed wild, with few traces of civilization. Located in the Pacific Northwest, the area is predominantly covered by spruce, larch and aspen forests, rocky mountain slopes and marshlands in between. Plan your hunting trip carefully before taking on some of the most sought-after game like moose, the black bear, the Roosevelt elk, the whitetail deer, the coyote, the blacktail deer, the mallard, and the jackrabbit.

Location & Impressions Edit

The Layton Lake District is located at the pacific northwest of North America.

Layton lake map

Regions Edit

Region Subregion
Layton Lows Roonachee
Highton Peaks Willipeg


Southern Ridge Cheelah
Northern Ridge Norden


Lake District Balmont

Huntable Animals Edit

Class 0 1 2 3 4
Jackrabbit icon


Mallard icon


Coyote icon


Blacktail deer icon

Blacktail Deer

Whitetail deer icon

Whitetail Deer

Black bear icon

Black Bear

Roosevelt elk icon

Roosevelt Elk

Moose icon


Recommended Hunting Equipment Edit

The following sets will contain combinations of weapons which allow to harvest all animals on the map with 100% integrity bonus.

Hunting Set #1 Edit

Weapon(s) Animal(s)
Virant .22LR

Bow with 300gr Arrows

Shotgun with Birdshot

Ranger .243

Whitlock Model 86

Bow with 420gr Arrows


Blacktail Deer

Whitetail Deer

7mm Regent Magnum Black Bear
Rangemaster 338

Rhino 454

Shotgun with 12GA Slugs

Bow with 600gr Arrows

Roosevelt Elk