The Brown Bear is a large predator (class 3). It can be hunted at the Medved Taiga National Park.

Description Edit

The brown bear is a large bear with very wide distribution. The species can be found across much of northern Eurasia and North America. It is one of the two largest carnivores alive today, rivaled in body size only by its close cousin, the polar bear. Brown bears have long, thick fur, that comes in many color variations, which despite the name are not always uniformly brown. A typical male weighs between 195 - 482 kg (430 - 1062 lb), while females are smaller and range between 110 - 340 kg (242 - 749 lb). Hunting brown bears requires patience, stealth and high degree of marksmanship. Brown bears have great physical strength, a keen sense of smell and are more likely to attack a hunter than their black bear cousin when cornered. Brown bears are omnivores and can be found in most areas, although they do have a particular preference for mountainous terrain.

Features Edit

Behaviour Skittish and aggressive
Habitat Prefer forests and mountainous terrain
Senses Very good sense of smell
Social Mostly Solitary
Active During night
Recommended Equipment Weapon Class 3, Predator "Distressed Fawn" Caller
Species Ursus arctos
Difficulty Hard

Organs and bones Edit

Brown bear organs
  1. Skull
  2. Brain
  3. Neckbone 1
  4. Neckbone 2
  5. Neckbone 3
  6. Spine bone 1
  7. Shoulder bone
  8. Spine bone 2
  9. Spine bone 3
  10. Pelvis
  11. Heart
  12. Lungs
  13. Liver
  14. Stomach
  15. Intestines
  16. Body

Fur Variants Edit