For each weapon, at least 2 kinds of ammunition is available. All Rifles and Pistols have a soft-point and a polymer-tip/hollow-point variant of their respective ammunition. Shotguns and Bows can choose between a light, medium and heavy variant of their shells/arrows.

Rifle Ammo Edit

Caliber Hollow Point
357 jacketed hollow point
.223 Soft-Point Polymer-Tip
223 soft point
223 polymer tip
243 soft point
243 polymer tip
270 soft point
270 polymer tip
7mm soft point
7mm polymer tip
338 soft point
338 polymer tip
30-30 Soft-Point Round Nose Hollow-Point
30-30 Soft Point Round Nose
30-30 hollow point
45-70 Soft-Point Flat Nose Hollow-Point
45-70 soft point flat nose
45-70 hollow point-0

Pistol Ammo Edit

Caliber Jacketed Hollow-Point Flat Nose Hard-Cast
357 jacketed hollow point
357 flat nose hard cast
44 jacketed hollow point
44 flat nose hard cast
454 jacketed hollow point
454 flat nose hard cast

Shotgun Ammo Edit

Shells Birdshot Buckshot
12 ga birdshot

12 GA

20GA Birdshot

20 GA

12 ga buckshot

12 GA

20GA Buckshot

20 GA

12 ga slug

12 GA

20G Slug

20 GA

Arrows Edit

Arrows 300 gr. Small Game Point 420 gr. Broadhead
300gr small game point
420gr broadhead
540 Grain Broadhead Recurve 600 gr. Broadhead
540 Grain Broadhed Recurve
600gr broadhead

Bolts Edit

Bolts 300 gr. Small Game Point 420 gr. Broadhead
300 gr Small Game Point Bolt
420 gr Broadhead Bolt
600 gr. Broadhead
600 gr Broadhead Bolt