The .270 Huntsman bolt-action rifle is the first obtainable "mid-class" rifle, suitable to hunt almost any game, except very small or very big game.

It provides a 100% integrity bonus for slightly more than half of the animals. Whilst it is unsuitable for hunting small game such as Roe and Blacktail deer or small predators, its higher caliber makes it superior to the Ranger .243 in terms of hunting bigger animals such as Red Deer, Black Bears, Whitetails, or Roosevelt Elks.

As for all rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

Variant Penetration Expansion Range
Soft-Point 17 24 250 m
Polymer-Tip 35 5

Description Edit

This sleek looking bolt-action rifle sports a classic look, but don't let that fool you, this rifle packs state-of-the-art technology. Handcrafted solid steel receiver, advanced triple-locking safety mechanism and a padded composite stock for superior recoil compensation

Color variants Edit

Variant Description
.270 Warden

.270 Warden

The .270 Warden is a color variant of the .270 Huntsman. It was the reward for buying the game 3 months after release and having hunter score of 50 in theHunter Classic and/or having bought a membership in theHunter Classic
270 Stradivarius

.270 Stradivarius

The .270 Stradivarius is a color variant of the .270 Huntsman. It was gifted to all players after the 2017 Holiday Event.

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